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You find a first impression here:

SPORT: Extreme Snowboarding

Here is a fantastic snowboarding clip. Now tell me what is impossible...sod

WEBSITE: We Make Money Not Art


First off, what a mission statement! "What they make" = We visit art galleries, listen to conferences, cover art and design events, take a lot of pictures, interview creative people, and we document these findings in order to share them with you. http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/ sod

ARTIST: Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg passed away Monday, May 12, 2008. In the NYT Article reviewing his phenomenal contribution to art, I was charmed by this story about beauty and meaning:

Mr. Rauschenberg, who knew that not everybody found it easy to grasp the open-endedness of his work, once described to the writer Calvin Tomkins an encounter with a woman who had reacted skeptically to “Monogram” (1955-59) and “Bed” in his 1963 retrospective at the Jewish Museum, one of the events that secured Mr. Rauschenberg’s reputation: “To her, all my decisions seemed absolutely arbitrary — as though I could just as well have selected anything at all — and therefore there was no meaning, and that made it ugly.

“So I told her that if I were to describe the way she was dressed, it might sound very much like what she’d been saying. For instance, she had feathers on her head. And she had this enamel brooch with a picture of ‘The Blue Boy’ on it pinned to her breast. And around her neck she had on what she would call mink but what could also be described as the skin of a dead animal. Well, at first she was a little offended by this, I think, but then later she came back and said she was beginning to understand.”


VIDEO ART: urban radiography by Sam3


GRAFFITI + ART: Murakami Billboard Tagged


To promote an exhibition by Japanese artist Takeshi Murakami, the Museum of Contemporary Art put up a billboard, which was soon tagged by graffiti artists. The billboard was quietly removed. It turns out that Murakami found it so wonderful, he had to have it for his personal collection. Source: LA Weekly sod

PAPER ART: Peter Callesen


Peter Callesen, an artist from Denmark, creates amazing paper sculpture from standard copy paper. C/O http://www.officiallyawesome.com sod

SCREENSAVER: Live Surveillance Video Feed


"SurveillanceSaver is a screensaver which shows live images of over 400 network surveillance cameras worldwide. Yep, when your computer is idle you’ll get to see a live feed of what’s going on in other parts of the world. It’s quite fascinating because of the voyeuristic element involved but also surreal because it compresses time-space." For download, photo samples of places under surveillance, and more information see: Slorker sod


etoy blog
etoy blog

etoy.CORPORATION is a shareholder company registered in Zug/Switzerland. The privately held company was formed to finance etoy.OPERATIONS by selling and trading etoy.SHARES on the art market (More information). etoy.VENTURE association was founded 1994 and is registered in Zurich. This non-profit organization operates etoy.TANK-PLANTS in various cities, takes care of etoy.SOCIAL-ACTIVITIES and runs etoy.DAY-CARE. Watch out for the etoy.com DOMAIN (for virtual products) and the etoy.HOLOGRAM (for physical products) - the only valid proof of etoy.ORIGIN. The artist's signature is no adequate indicator of authorship in the etoy.UNIVERSE. Products that can be downloaded from other domains or lack the 25 x 25 mm label are low quality replica that can compromise your intellect and sanity. Collectors holding etoy.WORK issued before January 2006 can apply for validation and holographic certification: CONTACT INVESTOR RELATIONS (transico)


This probably doesn’t fit into the purview of aacorn, but I thought I’d pass it along nevertheless. I found it quite inspiring. It’s a film by Reinigungsgesellschafft, a German artists group that works in the area of economics and art: No Limits For Frank! 2001/03 - Video, 17 min
As they describe it: “The film shows one day in Frank's life. He is a pensioner, a leisure time hero and a passionate owner of a motorized bicycle. With his very own lifestyle he is a supporter of slowing down everyday life. On a cold day in January, Frank rides his motorized bicycle for 60 kilometres in order to buy a carton of cigarettes at the border of the Czech Republic. Describing his philosophy of life at a gas station he teaches us a lesson concerning the seeking after happiness.” Daved

30 SECONDS by Thilo Hoffmann featured at MoMA New York new website

50 Scenes in 30 SECONDS at the MoMA


Concept: You have 30 seconds of film. What are you going to show? Swiss multimedia artist Thilo Hoffmann has asked this question to over 400 people around the world, then let the camera roll. The result reveals a wide range of inventive personal stories and insights that have now caught the attention of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
The attractive new MoMA website features a section “New Voices” which is being launched with Hoffmann’s “30 Seconds”. The museum has commissioned the Zurich based artist to work with over 50 MoMA members and staff, to use the building as inspiring setting for their spontaneous short movies.
Starting at 12PM (EST), 6th of March, the poignant and highly entertaining videos can be viewed, discussed and shared at
The “New York Times” has already reported MoMA’s spectacular new online performance. The story is accompanied by the first “30 SECONDS“ on their website: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/05/arts/design/05moma.html

Tal Adler

Insights in Israels daily culture:
remarkable artist/human

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

Margaret Wertheim is well known for her work as a science writer and commentator. She has written several books, contributes to The New York Times Science Section, is an Op-Ed contributor to the Los Angeles Times, wrote the "Quark Soup" science column for the LA Weekly, and is contributing editor on science issues for Cabinet. Furthermore, she founded the Institute For Figuring (www.theiff.org) that is devoted to enhancing public engagement in science and mathematics through lectures, exhibitions, books, and an extensive website.
Most recently Margaret Wertheim received international acclaim for the 2007 IFF "Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef" project. This project originated from the published crochet instructions of a hyperbolic plane by Cornell University Professors Daina Taimina and David Henderson. Variations on this theme have resulted in a gigantic crocheted coral reef that draws attention to the effects of global warming and the fragility of the Great Barrier Reef. It has been shown at the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, Spring 2007), The Hayward Gallery (London, Summer 2008), and museums in Chicago (Fall 2007) and at New York University (Spring 2008). While working on a shoestring budget, Margaret Wertheim has had an unparalleled impact engaging women around the world in active participation and learning about science, mathematics and environmentalism. As marine biologist Kate Holmes of the American Museum of Natural History wrote: "The crochet project takes a new and interesting twist by looking at the mathematics of coral. It's another entrance point and it allows us to involve craftspeople who might be into conservation."