Photo: J├╝rgen Bergmann Alias Transico

This Wiki is an collection of materials on the art and aesthetics of managing and organizing. It is an open collaboration among artists, scholars, practitioners and educators passionate about understanding and exploring the aesthetic side of organizations.

We welcome your contribution bla bla bla. Goal: To create a wiki focused on art/aesthetic and managing/organizing which will include interlinked notes, articles, media content and be useful as an educational resource.

Participants: All AACORN members are welcome to contribute. There is a Core Group committed to this project. If you want to add your name to this core please let us know: paul.shri@gmail.com Need some advice where to start? Try bla bla bla

The 7th Art of Management & Organization conference
will be hosted by Copenhagen Business School
on the 28th-31st August 2014
The conference theme will be Creativity and Design