Brigitt Ramsauer is an artist living in Germany. She is born in 1962, and has
a strong theoretical and practical background in art creation, art
communication, and art curating. Since 1992 she has been based in Berlin
while travelling extensively to perform and show her work, lecture and teach
at various art schools and universities both in Europe and the USA.
She works with various media (installation, video, photography) but sees
herself primarily as a performance artist, who not only aligns her own body
and personality with different social environments, but also deliberately
leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German
Performance Art, she interferes with external contexts and marks the random
remnants that other people unknowingly leave behind.
During her performances she acts as a presenter and visual translator of the
everyday, rather unimpressive human actions that can take place all over the
world, and she often looks for the active participation of the audience. As
a detective would do in a crime scene, she collects evidences that allow her
to initiate an analysis of the sociological and cultural context in which
her actions are taking place.
In her project "Art : HOME - LESS" she invented her own language of
performance in an urban environment: "I view the act of someone dropping
carelessly a piece of paper onto the street as an 'unconscious' performance
piece (see: ART : HOME - LESS Project New York, Marseille, Moscow, Berlin).
I mark this 'uneventful' event and record it as a past gesture, like an
archaeologist would do. Through my performances I want to bring awareness
to certain characteristics that define the inner texture of a specific
social environment. By highlighting behaviours and attitudes that people may
not pay attention to and take for granted, such as standing in line,
entering an elevator, or sleeping, my goal is to make people conscious of
their actions, and of the consequences that these may have on other people
or on the environment that surrounds them, without ever criticizing them."
An interesting step was using her way of doing performance art to analyse
and consult an industrial company, the high end interior company Deutsche
Werkst├Ątten Hellerau, DWH in Dresden, where she invented a highly analytical
and artistic expression linked to economic research and consulting. Thus,
she was able to analyse the present status of the company and from there to
develop future roads of business development for them. The results of
analysis and the proposals were presented as - art.
In summer 2008 she was invited by DWH to create a concept for an art project
within the company. This project had the major issue to deal with the
company as an object and freely create art in any media to express her
observations and interpretations. The artist was not restricted by the
company in terms of the concepts, research, and realization strategies as
well as in timeline, volume or kind of activity. The artistic process and
presentation should influence the self-perception how to expand business in
the future and give eventually a visible potential improvement. As a result
of the first work platform she presented three artistic concepts. All of
those will be realized.
With the first step, Birgit Ramsauer realized a photo documented performance
series in already existing installations of the company. Therefore she
related with her body size to the sculptural environments, which envisioned
the quality of the space impression and the detail solutions of DWH.
Secondly, she presented sketches of objects installations, which take over a
dynamic aspect of movement, which relates to the dynamic process within the
manufacturing of the company. At the end she opened her concepts and results
in a lecture to all employees of the company.
Her work can be found in numerous collections, including German National
Museum collection, Berlin, and Tretjakow Gallery collection, Moscow, and the
Public Library Collection, New York.

Please see for an encompassing documentation of her

I'm sure Birgit will inspire and enrich our network with her overwhelming
energy, thrilling ideas, profound knowledge, large experience and her
delightful character.

J├╝rgen Bergmann