It is my great pleasure to bring Dr. Anu Mitra into AACORN. I have met Anu through her work at Union Institute and University and the Cincinnati Art Museum. She has taken a program about learning through looking at art that the museum was conducting for medical students and adapted it into an art-based leadership program, taught to graduate level students from Union who come from diverse professions.
Anu is widely published and a frequent presenter at conferences. She has had a chapter on her work with Union and the art museum accepted for a forthcoming book about radical/alternative forms of leadership and has spoken about her work at the Getty Museum.
Anu’s areas of expertise are a wonderful collection of fields that overlap so many AACORN interests: Art History and Interpretation, Leadership Development, Multicultural Literature and Theory, Third World Literature, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Women’s Issues, Autobiography, English and American Literature, Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, Ideas of God, Research Methodologies, and Communication.
She has also contributed a great deal to causes of social justice. After high school, she took a year off to work with Mother Teresa's Nirmal Hriday--her home for the dying and destitute of Calcutta (now Kolkata). She also has been active in combating domestic violence. In the last ten years, she became involved with children who were infected with or affected by AIDS--and worked with Peace Trust, a United Nations agency in India. She has also worked in Cincinnati's local city-supported soup kitchen for the last 19 years--once a month every month.
She has also taught at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China; Antioch College; Yale University; University of Rochester; and held various administrative and communications leadership positions at Union. Her Ph.D. is in English Literature from the University of Rochester, and her undergraduate degree in English Lit, with a minor in Macro-Micro Economics, is from the University of Calcutta.