Sandbox - or better Pre-Thesaurus - an area where Thesaurus topics are explored and arguments and interesting fighting can take place.
This structure was suggested by Peter Hanke - who occasionally will try improving the page's appearance and content.

You are invited to visit the following topic pages and contribute to the exploration and debate of each topic (in words, quotes, drawings, images, links, or any media), or to add your own page/topic to explore. Please sign your contributions. ph&so

Aesthetic Intelligence



Artful Conversation

Art and crisis








Organizational Aesthetics



To add a term to the Sandbox:
1. Click "New Page" on the left hand toolbar. Name that page for the term you wish to add, for example "Art", and click "Create."
2. Add what you wish to that page--text, links or photos. Be sure to SAVE your changes.
3. Return to the "Sandbox" page and click "Edit this page." Add your term to the alphabetical list above by typing the word, for example "Art." Then highlight the word, and click the "Insert Link" icon in the toolbar above. A "Create link" box will open in a new window, and your word will automatically appear in the "Link Text" line. Make sure that "Wiki Link" is selected, that the "Space" is aacorn, and that the Page name matches your term. Click "OK" and you will return to the Sandbox edit page. SAVE your changes, and test the link!