Grand Opera of Organizational Aesthetics

This page is intended as a group project for any interested AACORN members that would like to create an opera on the broad topic of Organizational Aesthetics. Feel free to add plot, characters, music, sets, etc. or edit them. The idea is to create something that is truly collaborative, has something meaningful to say, and is an aesthetically unified piece of art.


Act 1 Scene 1
Dede, a waif-like artist is struggling to make a living. She gets a job as an intern at Globalcorp, a major software distribution company. [aria: "I Need to Work" ] She soon finds that her creative energies are wasted as she toils over mundane tasks and suffers the contrived colleagiality at endless group project meetings. [trio: "Workgroups "]. She finally meets a kindred spirit (and love interest), Michael, who is a musician who works in the mailroom. [duet:"Mail and Female"]. The two of them conspire to inject their artistic energy into their jobs by creating random acts of art. Mysteriously, sculptures appear in place of the water cooler, and the ringtones of the office phones change overnight into department motifs from different genres.

One of the sculptures dino.jpg

Unfortunately, Carmela, a cold, calculating young woman, also an intern, also has her sights on Michael. She corners him in the photocopy room and tries to tell Michael about her aspirations. She tells him that the only way to get ahead in the corporate world is to compete and win with anybody and everybody who is in the way [aria"The Only Way Up"]. Michael tries to get out of

Act 2

Cast of Characters
a waif-like artist is struggling to make a living
intern at Globalcorp
a musician who works in the mailroom

a cold, calculating intern

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