Everyone is welcome to view and contribute. A wiki is a shared collective space, very different from traditional online discussions or individual word processors. No one person "owns" the wiki, even though a small group of people act as the organisers.


AACORN is an informal network. Its website is publicly available.

Getting Started

To get started, click on the 'edit' link above to add content to any page. You and other contributors can also comment on pages using the 'discussion' link at the top of every page. Make sure you SAVE the page after editing.

Help on how to format text

There is a visual editor which should be very familiar and you can use for most key edit functions. Here is the fixed toolbar:

When editing a long page, it may be advisable to click on "Floating Toolbar", this converts the fixed toolbar to a floating one that can be accessible at any point in the document.toolbar3.jpg To revert to the fixed toolbar click on the X button at the top right hand corner (NOT cancel which discards the edits!).

There is a help link on more advanced formatiing just below the save button at the bottom or top left of the screen.

Fear of making a mistake

There is a full history of changes, so it is very easy to correct mistakes yourself, and in some ways even easier for colleagues to correct them. This is a shared space owned by all the users collectively, so everyone has some responsibility for the whole site.


If there is disagreement or doubt, set up a discussion and raise the issues there. Others may join in.

Instant Chat

You can chat with other members who are online at:
Start this up at the beginning of your wiki viewing or editing session.

Naming pages

Pages are the building blocks of wikis. Think of spaces like directories and every page in your space needs to have a unique name.

  1. Minimise duplication: Before you create a new page make sure that no one else has already made it.
  2. Useful and descriptive titles: Page names should be meaningful. Use 2 to 5 words. Pages with memorable names are easier to link to.
  3. Unique names: Think about who else might like to create a page with the same name. Don't uses generic names like minutes or help.
  4. Purpose: Make the purpose of the page clear so that others are encouraged to become contributors.

Table of Contents

At the top of the page put a table of contents command
toc|flat surrounded by double square brackets

All items which use a Heading1 Font, will then appear automatically in the table of contents.

Losing Inputs

There have been a few complaints about losing inputs , but on closer examination almost all of these seem to involve one of a small number of situations, all correctable.
Forgetting where the contribution was made (see below for how to look up your contribution)
Leaving a discussion post before it is fully completed (eg to look up something via Google) can lose the post
Forgetting to press Save at the end of Page Creation and Post at the end of Discussion
Pressing a key that highlights the whole entry and then deletes eg by pressing ENTER


  1. Create any significant entry in Word then copy and paste into wikispace
  2. Finding lost contributions

Method 1 Changes to Pages
Go to the Manage Space page
and click on your own name
You will see your recent edits

Method 2
Click on Recent Changes


Click on the "Edits" Tab. These are helpfully in date/time order.
Click on the "Discussions" Tab. These are unhelpfully organised by Page order, so there could be a new item right at the very bottom. You can search in your browser for "Today".

Uploading Files


Creating a link to a file

Go to the page concerned
Click “Edit this page” button
Highlight the text you want eventually to click on to launch the file
Click on “tree” icon – (insert images and files)
Another window appears Images and Files
Click on browse and find the file on your hardisk; click to upload it
An icon for it now appears in the library at the top of the Images and Files box
Double click “links to the file” to make the link
This, however, now shows the actual file name: Rochelle T Mucha BAPA Workshop Sessions.pdf
To edit that to something else, click Text Editor
Find the text: Rochelle T Mucha BAPA Workshop Sessions.pdf
And change to eg Workshop Sessions Agenda
Save the text
Click on the new link to view the PDF file