daved barry bio

external image Daved%20Looking%20Down%20Small.jpgMy life story revolves around the search for ‘rich’ solutions, answers that join rhyme and reason in inventive, inspiring, and effective ways. Earlier, I studied music, painting, chemistry, and cooking, eventually going on to complete a B.A. (hons) in Psychology and a PhD in Strategic Management and Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland. In 1986, I moved to Syracuse University where I taught strategy for seven years, and then to New Zealand where I held the Victoria Chair in Creative Organization Studies. In 2003 I joined Learning Lab Denmark and the Copenhagen Business School as a research professor of innovation, art, and business. And today I'm living and working in beautiful Lisbon, where I hold the Banco BPI Chair in Creative Organization Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Some of my accomplishments include the co-founding of AACORN (Arts, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Organization Research Network; www.aacorn.net), a worldwide association of arts & business researchers, the founding of LAICS (www.laics.net), a graduate programme in innovation and leadership, and “The Sage Handbook of New Approaches to Organization Studies" (with Hans Hansen).