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The Forums Business goes theater from 1997-1999 in Germany generated some interessting publications (mostly in German). Stefan Meisiek, a member of AACORN, realised his diploma in this field after the Forums.

Links in German:
Institut für Managment, Prof. Dr. Georg Schreyögg: Unternehmenstheater

Books in German:
Unternehmenstheater: Formen, Erfahrungen, Erfolgreicher Einsatz - ISBN 3-409-11480-7
Unternehmenstheater: zur Unterstützung von Veränderungsprozessen - ISBN 3-8244-7532-4
Unternehmenstheater: in der Praxis - ISBN 3-409-11630-3
Training mit Theater: Von der Einzelszene bis zum Unternehmenstheater ISBN 3-936075-17-4

Links in English:
Applied & Interactive Theatre Guide

Books in English:
Thin Book Organisational Theatre

Theater in conflict

I have been contacted by an enterprising theatre company/arts-based training enterprise in Norway who have the idea of selling seats to a "rehearsal" and using that process to illustrate aspects of leadership, teamwork, creativity etc, and they are looking for case studies, other examples etc.
Most probably you will remember the case of London International Festival of Theatre, their collaboration with Financial Times and their Learning Models. The below mentioned links will remind you this British case. Especially the second and third chapters of Rowntree’s book might help in developing your idea.
Lift presents a new vision
Changing Performance by Julia Rowntree