This space is a 'melting pot' - - a place to share examples of curriculum, workshops, speeches, and other 'products' that are developed for a range of audiences (academic, corporate, practitioner, artist). Practitioners, Academics, and Artists can see how each professional approaches the 'synthesis' and 'teaching' of a topic, and in turn can 'steal shamelessly' from each other, be inspired and take part in collectively building an expansive toolbox. This space will also trigger inquiry and potential recruitment and referral between members.

BAPA Workshop Sessions

Rochelle T Mucha BAPA Workshop Sessions.pdf
This file contains working 'outlines' for 3 different sessions: 1 hour speech, 3 hour workshop and multiday workshop. The audience is business leaders/members and/or business students.

Talking Stick Service Learning Projects to Intervene in Arts Scene
TSI did 1st Annual Arts Convention in 2008 with facilitation at no charge. Task forces were facilitated by TSI & NMSU buiness students in small business consulting courses Mgt 448 & Mgt 548 as 'service learning project' to the community. 2nd Arts Convention scheduled for Sep 2009 see for more on this project.

external image star.gif- VISUAL ARTS TASK FORCE PRESS RELEASE Dec 16 08
external image star.gif - MUSEUM TASK FORCE PRESS RELEASE - Dec 8 08
external image star.gif - ECONOMICS & GOVERNMENT - Dec 6 08 Videos & Info

  • FINAL REPORT Dec 8 2008 by David Boje "Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley Arts Scene Forgotten History: An Antenarrative Guide to Socioeconomic Growth" by David M. Boje, Ph.D. founder of TSI - (report submitted by D. Boje as service project to Mayor and City Council of Las Cruces is pro bono, and does not reflect views of any other organization but TSI) - please send comments to