Anke Strauß

artist-researcher? whatever!Berlin, Germany
2008 Further examination of the relationship between arts and business with focus on fine art
• Plan: Application for a research fellowship at a faculty of arts and humanities.
• Where? No clue…can you help me?

2007 Graduation: Artists in Organizations / Artistic Intervention and Cultural Hacking from Witten/Herdecke University with honors….despite many good theories, still no answers to the question of what economy is…..changing the question.

2006 Starting research about artists’ work in business organizations

• Award winner of the Bertram foundation for the research concept

2005 Focusing on intercultural communication studies (first contact with constructivist and system theoretical perspectives in the area of management)

2004 Studies at the Università degli studi di Siena, Italy – faculty of economics (courses in art history)

2002 Art, art, art...thanks to „Studium Fundamentale“ at Witten/Herdecke University
• Construction of the „Transformer“, a light sculpture which deals with perception
• Award winner of the student competition of the Ministery of the Interior „Denn ohne Sicherheit ist keine Freiheit“ (no freedom without security), category photo-essay
• First contact with aesthetics and interdisciplinary projects of art and business

2001 Still no clue of economy...applying for a study of management and economics at Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

1999 Graduation from school, not knowing where to go....ending up in a bank, doing an apprenticeship as a bank-clerk in order to answer the question: what the hack is economy as it seems to be involved in every societal activity.